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Greig Oliver IMG_20220203_151941.jpg

Greig Oliver

Greig Oliver is a Scottish KTP associate/PhD student with the University of the West of Scotland working with the Institute of Thin Films Sensors and Imaging and Teer Coatings Ltd. He achieved a 2.1 Honours degree in Physics at the University of the West of Scotland in 2019 and a Masters Degree with Distinction in Advanced Thin Film Technologies in 2020 also in the University before joining the KTP program in which he is assisting Teer Coatings Ltd with the implementation of optical coating processes using the knowledge gained through the masters program.


Sam Ahmadzadeh 

西苏格兰大学博士。 主要研究用于减少二氧化碳图中应用的气体传感器中的串扰带通滤波器。 链接到PURELinkedIn浏览详细个人资料。

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